Integrated Project Execution System
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Integrated Project Execution System (IPES)Integrated Project Execution System IPES

Deliver Projects Better, Faster

IPES allows you to manage your project from proposal to construction in a central system. All aspects of the project including requirements, documents, drawings, resources, deliverables, materials, schedules, costs, changes and risks are managed in a single system with workflows and automatic alerts. All departments and vendors can view progress in related areas, and centrally manage their activities and data.


Schedule based automated work assignment, tracking and alerting
Requirements to design to construction traceability
Deliverable progress monitoring
Material data management specification, catalogs, drawings, manuals
BOM management creation, approval, change, release
Vendor management parts, history, metrics, data exchange, status update
Change and risk management
Automated reporting and alerts


Deliver projects on-time increased turnover
Manage cost, changes and risk efficiently increased profitability
Optimize resource utilization
Improve estimation accuracy
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