Enterprise Data Management Solution
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Enterprise Data Management Solutions (EDMS) Enterprise Data Management Solutions EDMS

Improve how your teams work

EDMS makes your teams more productive by automating work assignments, review and change processes. Centralized tracking of pending deliverables, submittals and approvals improves efficiency and speed. Secure data storage with automated access control, versioning and naming enable knowledge retention and easy retrieval.
People in different locations can now collaborate through a central system which manages the flow and management of data. With support for tablets, web and rich client applications, everyone has secure access to data at their fingertips 24x7.

Centralized data store
Automated workflows & revision control
Change & Issue management
Graphical relationship view, impact analysis
File templates integration, Search with item-specific attributes
Multi-CAD management
Automated audit reports

Search and retrieve data in seconds
Increased productivity and quality
30% savings in man-hours
Transparent view of progress
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